MEN in Black & White

In 2016, when I started photographing nude people, I had a mind full of creative ideas, but did’t exactly know how to go around it. Therefore I decided to follow my heart, and all the crazy ideas running through my mind, in order to make these ideas come to reality in photos. Throughout this time, I met, and had the privilege to work with amazing people from different countries and various horizons.

My casting choices are not accidental as I truly believe that we are all beautiful the way we are – just naturally us. Therefore, I only work with regular people as opposed to agency models, and use only natural light in order to be as closest, and authentic, as possible to reality.

I would like to share with you a part of my work.

Book Details:

Photos : Nir Avner
Design: Tal Boniel
Photographs: approx. 38 in B&W (48 pages)
Size: A5 (14,8 X 21 cm.) with a softcover
Publication date: September 2017

Limited edition of 200


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