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Homme & Nature

(Human & Nature)


Nir Avner, a french-israeli photographer, living in Munich, is a truly world explorer. This year he will participate in Photomenton annual photo exhibition, that will take place from Nov. 18th -26th. 2017. 

Autodidact photographer, his style is nurtured by human encounters and interactions with his own environment. Throughout his new photo series, entitled Homme & Nature ( Human & Nature), he questions the place we, as human beings, have in our own environment. (Wo)man have always belonged to nature, and as a such were always part of it. However through time evolution we built ourselves a new home made of, and surrounded by, concrete constructions, alienating us from our natural habitat. This photo series, initiated in 2016, explores our intrinsic connection to nature, via the human body, placed in natural, or in contradiction, artificial, urban environments. Altering between two major attitudes, the subject matters are either resigned, motionless, watching the actual impact of human activity on our own habitat, or revolted and rising up against the oppressing concrete world we live in.

In choosing to work only with regular people, regardless of their physical aspect, Nir Avner denounces the dictates of contemporary beauty ‘guidelines’ ,enforced by publicity and general media. The connection bounded between Nir Avner and his models, as well as using natural light, are primary key elements in his workflow.

Nir Avner participates regularly in exhibitions in Germany and France. 


18 >  26 Nov. 2017


Saturday 18.11.2017 at 11:00

at Palais de l’Europe

8 Avenue Boyer, 06506 Menton


on Weekend from 10:00 – 19:00 non-stop
Closed on Monday
10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 -18:00 weekdays. 

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